Groovin the Moo // 5 Must-See Acts

So, let’s talk Groovin…what a cracking line-up! The biggest Australian regional touring festival has nailed it yet again with an udder-ly brilliant group of artists from across the globe. After reading the list of names what really stands out is its diversity. From teenage popstars to throwback legends of the industry, homegrown Aussie talent to international superstars and lastly, gender diversity. Festival organisers should be praised with curating one of the more balanced rosters of artists we’ve seen at a festival in some time.

This is a direct reflection on where music is at today. Major streaming services have exploded in the last decade, allowing the world to be more musically connected than it ever has before. Artists from all walks of life are given greater opportunity to be more equally and easily accessible for listeners. Of course, there are still divides that need to be worked on when it comes to arranging a varied listing. But let’s take a moment to recognise a true stepping stone to a fully diversified line-up.

With the recent release of set times, the T-Rex team have attempted to tackle the major issue facing this great crop of artists, clashes. Festival goers are going to have the wonderful headache of developing a plan to make sure they see as many artists as possible. We thought we would chuck our two cents in, curating a playlist as well as endorsing our favourite artists at the nationwide regional festival, relieving/adding more complications to your dilemmas.

Billie Eilish

It’s scary to think how the big this 17-year-old is. Fans went into meltdown after Billie Eilish cancelled her Australian tour supporting Florence + the Machine. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for the teenage angst queen to reschedule with Groovin being the first festivals she’s hitting up after Coachella!

Major drawcardbellyache

We’ve handpicked one of the first few tracks that brought the 15-year-old at the time to stardom as it’s just so hard to gauge which is the standout from Eilish’s monstrous debut album. From her first project don’t smile at me, bellyache has the teenage star put herself into the persona of a psychopath. Little did we know this would be the start of many dark fantasies that Billie brings to the front of pop music. If it’s anything like her Laneway set last year, her brother Finneas joins her at the front of the stage for this hit. No doubt everyone will be losing their minds to this one.


If you’re looking for a wild and energetic performance that’ll get you stirring, look no further. South Central LA based singer, rapper and visual artist Duckwrth is already a GTM favourite, wriggling his way into the Bunbury show last year. After smashing that set with his choreographed dance moves and crowd involvement, Duckwrth was quickly invited back to do the full tour this year. His infectious personality creates a strong connection with the crowd, similar to another reputable live performer in Anderson. Paak. He’ll feed off the tangible crowd excitement and send it right back in this fun and upbeat show.

Major drawcard: MICHUUL

MICHUUL is a track that hits the ground running. Duckwrth’s irresistible charm will shine in this feel-good funk jam. One of the California man’s most popular songs, it is a dedication to Michael Jackson’s music career, so hopefully he still pumps out this up-tempo track despite what has been going on.

Why Pink Floyd

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