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Why Pink Floyd...? was a release campaign of Pink Floyd's back catalog, released in three stages over 2011–2012. Under the campaign, multiple forms of the band's material was released, with new remasters and unreleased tracks. The albums were available in three different configurations: "Discovery", "Experience" and "Immersion". The "Immersion" box sets of The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here featured 5.1 surround sound mixes of the original albums, while that of The Wall did not. Wish You Were Here was also released in an SACD version. A new best-of album, titled A Foot in the Door – The Best of Pink Floyd was released, as well as Sampler, a Best Buy exclusive compilation. More

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Audio Interface
The Best Ipad Pro Audio Interface: Reviews – Buyer’s Guide in 2023
In this study, however, we'll focus on a few more compact versions that are ideal for music production on the go because of their tiny footprints and low power consumption. Check the best iPad pro audio interface at Why Pink Floyd below!
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Piano & Keyboard
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Music Stands
The 10 Best Ipad Music Stand Reviews– Buyer’s Guide 2023
There are many inexpensive choices, but you should make sure you purchase one that will hold your tablet securely. Here, Why Pink Floyd will discuss the best iPad music stand currently on the market.
The 10 Best Karaoke System For Home [2023 Update]
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Karaoke System
The 10 Best Pa System For Karaoke (2023 Review & Buyers Guide)
At Why Pink Floyd, we will provide you with the best pa system for karaoke available in 2023.
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Dj System
The Best Dj Controller Under $300 of May 2023: Reviews and Rankings for you
A DJ controller is an important instrument to have in your gear, whether you're an aspiring DJ or simply enjoy making music. Today's article will focus on the best DJ controller for under $300 available.
The Best Dj Headphones Under $100 of May: Reviews & Buyers Guide
It might be challenging to choose the right headphones from the many accessible on the internet. While not all pricey headphones provide sound clarity, noise cancellation, or deep bass response, having the best DJ headphones under $100 may be the best option.
The Best Dj Headphones: Reviews – Buyer’s Guide in 2023
Every DJ has their own collection of gear; some like a traditional analog configuration, while others like a more contemporary, digital approach. You'll always need the best DJ headphones, whether your system centers around a turntable or a tablet. Check out our post today!
The 8 Best Studio Monitors Under $100 of 2023 | Reviews by Experts
We'll show you the best studio monitor speakers under $100 today. These aren't the most excellent monitors on the market, but they'll do the job and let you follow your passion for music production.
Dj System
The 8 Best Dj Controller For Beginners of May 2023 | Why Pink Floyd
With so many options, deciding which controller to purchase might be tough. Let's have a look at the best DJ controllers for beginners right now. If you want more detail, you can always read the complete evaluation for many of these controllers.
The Best Studio Monitors Under $500 in 2023 - Why Pink Floyd
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The 8 Best Studio Monitors Under $1000 of 2023 | Reviews by Experts
For most individuals who know what they need in terms of performance and flexibility, a set of monitors at the $1000 level provides the maximum profit. Let's take a look at the best studio monitors under $1000 right now.
Best Studio Monitors Under $2000 Reviews & Buyers Guide of 2023
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Piano & Keyboard
The 8 Best Sounding Digital Piano in 2023 | Why Pink Floyd
In this post, we'll look at some elements that determine the best sounding digital piano. We'll look at the course of the music, tone, the technology underlying the sound, and the instrument's design.
Piano & Keyboard
The 8 Best Concert Grand Piano [2023 Update]
In this article, we'll compile the best concert grand piano. We'll look at the music's progression, the sound's technology, tone, and the instrument's design.