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Sticky band room floors and sweat-filled mosh pits finally make a comeback as the Melbourne music scene returns with a vengeance.

As our nation’s borders remain closed, local talent is dominating the live music scene, existing and emerging. Local music producer and disc jockey Aden Russell, otherwise known as Artsea, is a drum and bass scene pioneer for the city of Melbourne. Aden is the virtuoso behind the Artsea project and the onesevenfour label, his involvement in the industry is one deserving of recognition. His artistic preference is a specialisation in the liquid drum and bass sound, blending ambient piano chords and textures with contemporary drums and basslines.

The unique sound lies with his bilateral style of production, effectively blending vibrant bassline percussion with ambient liquid undertones. Creating a high-energy soundscape while remaining luscious and dreamy.

'When I was 12 I found the program FL Studio, I'd sit there and make really trash stuff honestly. But I thought they were good at the time obviously.' Aden explained. 'My first performances were at those really tacky events and school and youth group. That's where it all really started.'

It wasn't always D&B for Artsea, his interest in production facilitated his curiosity into different styles of music.

'I did take a break from the genre and experimented with other things but I somehow managed to circle back and end up where I started. I’m glad the journey happened the way it did because that helped me explore and gain a more holistic view on music, it was almost an inevitable return to my roots in some way.'

Aden's search for his niche stemmed from house styles to hip-hop genres, eventually settling on liquid drum and bass as his tailored sound.

"I think I heard someone describe D&B as like, “the bastard child of dance music.” It’s a super-specific, niche, a subgenre of music that’s super high energy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is a strong underground movement progressing, especially in Melbourne."

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