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It’s easy to forget the breadth of local talent there is in Melbourne. With the music hub being a go-to destination for many artists, often punters are drawn to seeing someone international than local. Novel have attempted to flip this ideology with their all-Australian Friends of Friends Street Rave. To make the best out of a bad situation with international flight restrictions, local artists have been given the opportunity to move higher on the billing.

Leading into the event, the high price turned a few heads, wondering if the organisers had taken advantage of the drought of shows. However, walking into the location it was clear to see the money was well invested. Directly under the Bolte Bridge in a small, closed-off street, an attractive industrial landscape was created for ravers surrounded by empty factories and cement mixers. This suited the house/techno beats that filled the sunshine in the day and clear night.

There was an opportunity missed at the end of the night to move the sound towards music that was more industrial to fit its namesake location. The experimentation shown by Katie Pearson and Toni Yotzi would have been more suited to the darker, night-rave atmosphere. Still, headliners Merve, Cassettes for Kids and Loods all proved they are worthy of a headline slot. All three have been fast risers in the local underground scene and have the ability to take their sets global.

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