Bailey Pyman

I was having a boogy at The Breakfast Club in Melbourne with two of my closest homies, Hans and Joe, having a generally excellent time when a song came on that we could only describe in the moment as the happiest, most uplifting and feel-good techno track we had ever heard. The entire venue erupted. We were asking people around us if they knew what it was called to no avail. Shazam was coming up with nothing. We even waited until after the DJ’s set to ask him what it was, but he didn’t quite understand what song we were talking about as we attempted to explain it to him (heavily under the influence mind you). For months after that day, I would occasionally go on a hunt for the song, thinking to myself “I have to find it, it’s out there somewhere”. I dove into the club’s and the DJ’s soundcloud, sifting through all of the sets, but the song was nowhere to be found. 18 months passed and I’m partying on the other side of the world in Amsterdam. Hans and Joe, the same two homies, had recommended this particular event, gawking at the line-up and telling me I had to attend on their behalf, so attend I did. Featuring N’to, Joachim Pastore and Worakls, it was one of the best events I had been to up to that point, the crowd and vibe were awesome as each set surpassed the one before it as the best that I had danced to. It’s 5am and Worakls is finishing his set when out of the excellence, the song plays. The most uplifting track in existence. I’m gobsmacked and ecstatic as I turn to my Dutch friend Maarten and hysterically ask him if he knows it. “Yeah man, it’s one of Worakls’ own songs. Adagio For Square.” 18 months after I initially heard it with them, Hans and Joe sent me to an event where I watched the artist who made it play it in the peak of his set during Amsterdam Dance Event on the other side of the world. Pretty good music moment.


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