Jess Armstrong

This is one of my favourite music moments, because I’m sure as soon as I finish writing I’ll think of something else, but what comes to mind is The Wombats, Festival Hall, July 2018. I’ve listened to them since I was young, and this one sticks out among the great shows I’ve seen them play. ​ I arrived a little early; I’ve done my time waiting all day to be near the stage, but you don’t need to do that for The Wombats. Melbourne in July always leaves you somewhat cold and tired, but when the band walked on, all that fell away. There’s something about them that inspires a shameless pleasure in live music – certainly in me. I sung along (badly) and danced with what little room I had at barrier. I was right in front of bassist Tord Knudsen, one of the most energetic musicians I’ve ever seen, and he definitely directed some laughter at me and my friends. By the end of the encore, when everyone was an exhausted sweaty mess, Tord balled up his set list and threw it to me. I don’t usually read too deep into interactions between fans and artists, but there’s an exchange that happens during good concerts, and being given a physical piece of that is something special. I still have that crumpled set list on my wall. It wouldn’t mean much to anyone else, but I always want to remember that hour and some of sheer joy, listening to one of my favourite bands, with a few thousand other people all feeling the same thing.


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