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In what has been a testing year, the pandemic has given us more time than we have ever had before. With our lives temporarily put on hold, we have been given the chance to sit down, think, and maybe try something new. For Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester, this meant kickstarting their own project SHADY.

Prior to the lockdowns, these two were touring the world as half of the Belgian dance four-piece Stavroz. Whilst setting alight the stages of major festivals like Coachella, Strawberry Fields, Wonderfruit and III Points with their earthy electronic sound, Pieter and Maxim always fantasised over the idea of starting their own project. Seeing the silver lining to the cancellation of shows for the foreseeable future, the two saw this as the perfect opportunity to launch SHADY.


Because of this stupid virus it was the best chance to realise this project," Maxim said."In no time we had twenty ideas for new songs. We couldn’t resist starting SHADY.“


In the space of a couple of months, two releases have hit streaming services, including ‘Fools’ and their most recent track via DRecords ‘Care’. Tying closely to the stage name ‘SHADY’, there is a dark and ominous feel to their music with a seductive edge.

Compared to their fast-paced dance track ‘Fools’, ‘Care’ is slightly slower with a deep, groovy beat that carries smoothly throughout the song’s entirety. The single places itself in between SHADY’s and Stavroz’s sound. The ringing guitar and dark mood resemble the feelings that sprout when you hear Stavroz, yet the vocals detach themselves from the band with an added sensual touch.

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