T-Rex's Top 20 Albums of 2020

The wait is over, here is our number one!

We hope this countdown has helped you recount some of the positives that came out from a pretty tough year. Let's hope 2023 is a little better.

#1 - The Slow Rush - Tame Impala

It is rare for an album carrying the world’s expectations to deliver. Over the past decade, Tame Impala have catapulted themselves into the global mainstream with their iconic blend of psychedelia, rock and electronic music. Every release has generated a snowball effect with the widely acclaimed Currents causing high anticipation for Kevin Parker’s fourth album. The wait for The Slow Rush would be five years with Parker channelling his inner-Kanye to make sure the album was ready when he believed it was done.

The record is Tame Impala’s most satisfying full-length record to date. Compared to Parker’s previous records The Slow Rush does not share as many standout singles, however, this is not a bad thing. On Parker’s fourth LP we see a more cohesive album where each track supports one another.

When you look at the Tame Impala timeline, this record flows naturally forward. The guitars become overwhelmed with more electronic implementation as Parker leans into his LA lifestyle with a greater pop focus.

Compared to the time of Currents’ release, Parker is at the next stage of his life. He is settled and looking forward to life ahead with his partner. This translates to the balanced and clear sound you hear on The Slow Rush. Parker is no longer needing to create his own identity through heavy experimentations, taking in what he has learnt from previous experiences.

This leads to the exploration of the album’s intriguing concept – time. Being the perfectionist that Parker is, everything in the record relates to the battle he is facing with time. From pushing it away in ‘One More Year’ to confronting it head-on in ‘It Might Be Time’ it is a persistent tug of war. Life is fleeting for Parker and he is adjusting to the obligated changes he has to make to be mature.

It is a consistent lyrical depth we are yet to see with Parker as he confidently shares very personal experiences with pain. This is exhibited in the narrative behind ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ where he revisits his shaky relationship with his late father. Blaring synths surround the heaviness of his father taking all of his sorrys to the grave. Yet, through all of this pain, the bereaved Parker can still see the positives behind this relationship and just wants to tell his Dad about his life. It is heart on sleeve material that spans across the entire record.

Coincidentally, tomorrow marks one year since the album’s release. Parker has created something beautiful with The Slow Rush. It is one of those records that listeners will remember the first time they heard it and will flourish over time.

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