The T-Rex Melbourne Music Week Guide

Music is in Melbourne’s DNA. We are lucky to spawn such talented local acts as well as attract the best from around the world. Over the span of 10 days this November Melbourne Music Week (MMW) will return for its 10th year. The program organisers have curated an excellent list of 300 artists across 70 events to celebrate this mega anniversary and showcase Melbourne’s marvellous music scene.

What’s so wonderful about MMW is its ability to completely transform the most unique spaces into live music venues. It’s so exciting for this milestone occasion that fan-favourite venue Kubik will be relaunched as the festival hub. Kubik is an outdoor live music venue structure designed by Balestra Berlin that comes alive to the sound of music. These light-filled industrial water tanks will enhance the relationship between attendees and the music as it lights up the Alexandra Gardens.

It’s hard to not go past the events at Kubik, but 64 other venues across Melbourne will also play host to many other shows. The T-Rex team have done the cruel job of condensing this list into 5 events that you simply cannot miss.

Whitehart: Live Music Safari

Thursday 14th November – Whitehart Bar – FREE

Lineup: Ladi6, Ha Na, Antiphon, Jimi Dawg, Imaxx, HDSNJMSJR, Dufresne

In a converted car park in the heart of the city, Whitehart Bar is kicking off this magnificent week with a live music safari sourcing fine and emerging local and international acts. Think of progression as the theme of the night as New Zealand R&B electronic neo-soul band Ladi6 tops the bill. Spanning across multiple genres this Kiwi group appear to be becoming more relevant in this evolving modern music industry. Along with this exclusive Ladi6 set are a bevy of other talents.

T-Rex’s pick of the night: Antiphon

Out of this well-groomed list of artists, jazz trio Antiphon are the ones we are most excited to see. Blending the old with the new this local underground talent from Melbourne’s jazz/funk/soul scene are making waves across the city with their raw blend of house and jazz. All about the performance, live you’ll quickly discover a strong chemistry between the three as they improvise compositions on the spot with hard hitting grooves and sweltering synth odysseys.

Why Pink Floyd

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